Sunday, 6 February 2011

Clear the cobwebs

There's nothing quite like a bit of fresh air to clear the cobwebs. It's about a month since I was last out in my boat due to must do things like  - work!

Six of us met up at North Queensferry harbour and made our shuttle so we had cars at our getout. There we met a large group of paddles from Fife Seakayak Club who were heading back up to the bridges.

Under the north leg of the Forth Road Bridge

 This is the first time Paparazzi Bart has been out with us, Sarah T, Iain, Niall, Ken and my good self made up the rest of the group. We got in our boats and headed up the river under the Forth Road Bridge. There were no traffic jams down here! We then turned and headed down the river and under the Forth Bridge. We now know not to hang around here due to a previous trip when a rather grumpy guy chased us in his big speed boat because there were workers working overhead on the bridge, this is incase anything gets dropped from the bridge, can't say I fancy a spanner coming down and through my kayak.

Coming round Inchgarvie

Ken under the Forth Bridge


Me at the Forth Bridge

 We then had a little trip round Inchgarvie which is the small island at the middle leg of the bridge.
Rounding the bottom of Inchgarvie
Next we headed off towards St Davids Bay, AKA Legoland, from a distance that is just what it looks like. After our last trip in the Forth when we only saw 1 seal, this time there were quite a few. The green marker was a lovely resting place for 3 of them.

Lazing on a Sunday afternoon.

Dinners calling
 We were getting a lovely blow down the river and we were soon rounding Haystacks again. This week the water was a bit rough, but it didn't take long to make it round the back of Inchcolm to the wee harbour. There we met another 2 kayakers who were supposed to meet the rest of their group (FSC). After lunch they had a wee detour round by Oxcars lighthouse.
Niall (Inspector Gadget?) had brought along his new toy, a ghillie kettle. It heats a litre of water up in no time at all. The heat goes up through the middle of the kettle. If we had known flames would appear through the top we would have had marshmallows with us. It was great having a cup of coffee that didn't have that distinctive flask taste.
After lunch a quick paddle was neaded to heat us up again. We aimed for Car Craig and then across to Silver Sands. At this point Sarah T and myself obviously natter too much and don't concentrate on our vectoring, either that or someone moved the trees.
 Coming close to the beach we met up with FSC who were just finishing their trip. Iain and Ken had a go at rolling, a bit chilly for that for my liking!. Back up at the car park there were more paddlers about to leave from Broughty Ferry Seakayak Club. It was a very busy, but great to paddle stretch of water. Maybe we should organise a paddle between all three clubs instead of  continually bumping (not literally) into them.