Friday, 27 February 2015

How to unpack a new house my way!

We've just moved house very recently and still living out of boxes.
To me it seemed a bit of a shame when the Saturday was a lovely, sunny fresh day to be unpacking paddling kit and "putting it away".
So we did what any other normal paddler unpacking masses of boxes would do - we stepped carefully over various boxes, loaded the car with our kit and made our way to the water.

We put in at Dysart, in front of St Serf's tower and the wee white cottages of Pan Ha', then made our way out past the harbour and along the front of Ravenscraig park, our now local park.
It was quite breezy, so we stopped for a breather in at Kirkcaldy harbour, where I learnt to swim many years ago before we got a heated indoor pool. That was so long ago, the town has since replaced that pool!!!

A bit further on and we stopped for lunch on the sands at Seafield Tower before making our way home with the wind on our backs and a bit of surf to help us along whilst being accompanied by lots of lovely Long-tailed ducks.

Back home, we found that the "house moving fairies" had obviously been busy elsewhere, as the boxes were still full and scattered everywhere, but hey ho! we'd had a lovely paddle!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Where did January go?

I can't quite believe we're into February and already I'm three trips down on my blog. I blame it on retirement, I never seem to have any spare time anymore!

We started off 2015 with the way we hope to carry on - paddling! On the 1st we had our usual Turkey bashing sausage sizzle with a difference. The difference was no sausages - I bought lovely fat ones and left them at home! We did however have chocolate Santa lollies instead.

 We should have had more paddlers out, but the numbers soon dropped as the forecast became known, cold, wet and very windy, a westerly F5-8. We put in at North Queensferry, battled past the bridges and into Inverkeithing Bay before following the coast down past Dalgety Bay. It was here with the tide, wind, waves, clapotis all going in every direction, all at the same time, that GT decided he didn't like the size of the waves hitting him side on. We seemed to be paddling hard, yet the rocks were still approaching fast. A bit of oomph got us out though. We then made our way along the cliffs at Hawcraigs before landing at Silver Sands. A great start to out New Year!

On the 3rd, 18 of us had a lovely paddle with LSKC, starting out from South Queensferry. The weather was nothing like two days previous. The sun was out and the sea was flat.
We set off under the bridge, past Inchgarvie and down to Inchcolm for a bite of lunch. After a few paddlers had an explore round the island we were off again, over to Cow and Calves via Oxcars, then over to Inchmickery where there were tiny seal pups - we did keep our distance! The plan was then to go round Crammond Island, however, some folks never quite got that message and skipped it. It was then a long slog up past Dalmeny House and Barnbougle Castle back to our get out.

Our 3rd paddle for January was back to lumpy water, Hubby dear had organised another of his rough water sessions. 4 of us met up down at Pettycur in dry but very blustery conditions. After a bit of blowey manoeuvring, we had a little play catching the waves. We weren't out for long, we didn't go far, but it was still a great exhilarating paddle.