Friday, 27 February 2015

How to unpack a new house my way!

We've just moved house very recently and still living out of boxes.
To me it seemed a bit of a shame when the Saturday was a lovely, sunny fresh day to be unpacking paddling kit and "putting it away".
So we did what any other normal paddler unpacking masses of boxes would do - we stepped carefully over various boxes, loaded the car with our kit and made our way to the water.

We put in at Dysart, in front of St Serf's tower and the wee white cottages of Pan Ha', then made our way out past the harbour and along the front of Ravenscraig park, our now local park.
It was quite breezy, so we stopped for a breather in at Kirkcaldy harbour, where I learnt to swim many years ago before we got a heated indoor pool. That was so long ago, the town has since replaced that pool!!!

A bit further on and we stopped for lunch on the sands at Seafield Tower before making our way home with the wind on our backs and a bit of surf to help us along whilst being accompanied by lots of lovely Long-tailed ducks.

Back home, we found that the "house moving fairies" had obviously been busy elsewhere, as the boxes were still full and scattered everywhere, but hey ho! we'd had a lovely paddle!


  1. Lovely! I'm dying to go paddling but we're all iced in here in NYC.

    Bad house moving fairies. Bad.

  2. Thanks Bonnie, just to let you know, those moving fairies are now on strike I think!