Saturday, 21 June 2014

Confession time!

Which way is up?
Week 6 of the continuous paddle programme thingy that Hubby dear has been running has finally arrived and also coincides with our annual evening paddle.
At least this time the water was a bit flatter.
Our wee group met up at Silver Sands in Aberdour where we were given some map bearings to follow to find our eggs. Quite why I had to do this to find the eggs I bought in the first place is beyond me, but hey ho off we went.
Heading off to Edinburgh!
Niall and Young Trevor were in the yellow team (yellow drysuits!), whilst Sandy, Phil and myself were the blue team (blue drysuits!)
The yellow team set off first and it wasn't long before they started heading off in the direction of Edinburgh!
The blue team had the same bearings, but were heading along the coast or at least we were once Sandy realised the map was upside down!
The yellow team were radioed to let them know they were way off course and to meet us up by "egg 6" the west end of Inchcolm.
Hubby dear set off to round them up, whilst we made our way straight to "egg 6".
The yellow team eventually arrived having come along the south side of the island. We had come along the north side, passing our first Puffins of the year. We agreed to carry on in the directions we were paddling, meeting up on  the north side beach.
Getting ready for a quick sprint!
It was whilst paddling along into the wind I just so happened to mention we could take the short cut by landing on the south beach and making a run over the path to the North before everyone else arrived. I thought that Sandy and Phil would keep me going right round, but no, they were all for it! We jumped out of our boats and did a wee sprint (with kayaks) over the path and parked the boats on the beach to make it look like we had just landed. So yellow team and Hubby dear, now you know how we got there in so much time, even if we had paddled right round, I'm sure we would still have got there first!
Egg time
After our eggs and watching the sun go down, we got our party lights out, and headed back to Aberdour with a bit more of a swell.
Heading back.
Another great night out, with a Cadbury's crème egg to boot - lovely!