Sunday, 6 January 2013

Lovely Loch Lomond

After our interesting trip out to Inchkeith the evening before, we left the boats on the roof, quickly dried what kit we needed, made more pieces (sandwiches to the posh folks), then tried to get an early night.
Next morning we were up bright and early. A good while back, it seemed like a good idea to sign up for the SCA trip to Loch Lomond. Hubby dear has been paddling here before, however I missed that trip due to work! Off we set at a ridiculously early time in a ridiculously low temperature -3 degrees, but on a beautifully bright day.
Not even a ripple
Myles showing us his office!

90 miles later we arrived to meet the rest of the group. We had already met the organiser, Myles and Christabel on the Grey dogs trip. It didn't take long to get to chatting to the rest of the group. It's always nice having a paddle with new folks, getting good paddling tips and trip ideas. We set off from Luss then headed down the peaceful waters to Inchconnachan, passing Inchtavannach, no Wallabies were spotted! Myles, who is also a park ranger, took us over to another island to check a Mink trap. Here he was describing the wildlife, telling us about the Capercaillies and Ospreys, all very interesting. Fancy having Loch Lomond as your office!
Inchcailloch beach
Lunch time
 Lunch was on Inchcailloch, which came complete with a lovely sandy beach to land on, picnic bench and toilets, all very civilised, except someone forgot to turn up the heating - it was still really cold.

Passing Balmaha
Tough paddling conditions!

After lunch we carried on round the bottom of the island before heading back up passing Balmaha and up to Sallochy Bay where we stopped for a stretch of our legs. It took until here before my feet started to thaw out. Our last stretch was back across the Loch to Luss where Myles braved the freezing cold waters and gave us an impressive Greenland rolling display.
Brave Myles

Well impressed

 What a lovely days paddling, with no big boats to flatten us!