Monday, 9 April 2018

Kayakey Kid's Loch Lomond Adventure

Guest editor this time is the Kayakey Kid himself!

The Kayakey Kid
Leo Kayaking Report
On Wednesday the 14th of February 2018, I was super excited as I knew I only had one more sleep to go before I got to go to Loch Lomond with my Grandma and Grandad to do some adventuring and my favourite kayaking. I spent ages with my dad getting all of my equipment ready and packed away so that I could leave bright and early on the Thursday morning. That night I went to bed super early so I could get a great nights sleep as I knew I would need all of my energy for what was to come.
On Loch Lomond with Grandad
On the Thursday morning once I got to my Grandma’s house we packed the big car and hit the road. The drive up to Loch Lomond was lovely, I liked looking at all of the scenery that we were driving past, my favourite things to see were the Kelpies. We finally arrived after what felt like hours in the car to a nice Hostel that was just by the Loch. I helped unpack the car and had a quick look around to see if my friends had arrived yet. At this point only 1 of them had arrived and her name is Hannah. Later on Antony and Ellen arrived which was great as there were more of us to play games like Toilet tig while all of the adults were planning what we were all going to get up to on this great trip. I overheard all the adults talking about us going to wallaby island, I was so happy to hear this as I really wanted to go there.

On Thursday we had a nice relaxing time talking and playing games before going to our beds. I loved staying there and I was super excited about what the next day would bring.
Searching for Wallabies

Not finding Wallabies!

Out with Grandma
On Friday morning we were up early to get all of our stuff ready and get a good breakfast. We went to a beach, all the adults helped us get ready in our kayaks. They pushed us off of the beach and on to the Loch. Here our adventure really begins. I stayed close to my grandad and spoke to him whilst we paddled down the loch. All of a sudden the winds picked up and I felt like my kayak was about to capsize but I managed to control it with a low brace. Battling against the winds was hard but I knew I could do it. We went over to wallaby island but unfortunately I couldn’t see any wallabys and grandma said she thought they might be on their holidays which made me laugh. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t see any wallabys but decided not to let it ruin my day. We stopped on a beautiful beach on the island so we could have our lunch. After everyone had finished their lunches and let it settle in their stomachs we headed off for part two of our adventure. The adults told us we were to paddle to the green and red buoys that were in the water so we could get an ice cream. This made me paddle even faster than before as I really liked the idea of getting an ice cream. We went to the beach to leave the boats and headed on the hunt for ice cream. The first shop we went in to didn’t sell ice cream so our hunt continued until we finally found a wee shop that had a variety of ice cream flavours for us. I got chocolate and strawberry ice cream. After we had finished our ice creams we headed back to the beach and jumped in to the boats and headed to the hostel but the winds were scarier now and the adults told us we had to cross the loch to get back to the hostel. This was hard to do and my arms and hands were getting sore and tired, I couldn’t wait to get back and relax. When we finally arrived back to the hostel we all got sorted and had dinner. I was super tired and felt like I had used all of the energy in my body.

Trained by Grandma!

Saturday morning the weather was sunny but still chilly, the wind was calmer than the night before which was good for us. This time we paddled past wallaby island and decided we were going to paddle half of the loch. I saw a big bird in the bright blue sky. Everyone was having a awesome time, we stopped for lunch on a bright and beautiful beach .

Once we finished our lunch we set off to the cars, on the way I saw swans and geese in the water. I got a bit chilly because I was in the middle of the loch. We stopped at a yellow buoy so we can have a race. So me, Mandy, grandad, grandma and Hannah stopped at the yellow buoy and 1….2….3 go, go, go, so the race begins. Out of me, grandad and grandma the first person to get back gets an ice – cream. In the lead is Hannah, in second me and third grandma but thanks to my small boat and the waves, I came in first place. I was first on the beach so I got an ice-cream, so did grandma and grandad. Once I got my clothes on I skimmed stones, my high score was 5. Once I finished, I went to the car. I got a chocolate  and strawberry ice- cream. I went to the car and I fell asleep in the car as well. When I got back I had tea then I went to bed.

from Leo xxxx

Me and my Grandad!