Sunday, 5 June 2011

I think I should stick to beginners trips!

 Sunday 15th, Kevin had organised a river trip up to the Leny, not a river I’d paddled before, but one that Hubby Dear had managed to split his paddles across his chest on, the reason why I now use his slightly shorter than usual paddles. Up at the boatshed bright(ish) and early, Kevin, Kris, Steve W, Bill, Liam, Simon, Ken and myself got kit, boats and cars sorted out and off we set.
 Having spent so much of my time lately sea paddling, this was my first river trip this year and was a bit concerned I would start using sea edges instead of river edges. We had a quick warm up before heading down the river which was at a “nice level” – I should have realised at this point all was not going to go my way.
Our wee group setting off
 After getting used to catching a few eddies and breaking in and out again we were coming to the bit where we had to get the right hand eddy and get out. Unfortunately, I got out (of the boat) before the right hand eddy. I’d managed to get stuck on a rock (yes, I haven’t lost the rock magnet touch). Now, when I come out of my boat, I’m very good at keeping hold of my boat and paddles, I’ve had enough practise, however today everything seemed to be ripped out of my hands. I scrambled to the side and wedged myself on a rock, where Steve threw a line to me. My boat and paddles were now careering over the Falls of Leny - the reason we were getting out. I’m just grateful I didn’t follow my boat over. Kris clambered along the side with me to see where my kit ended up. It nearly all made it through the falls. The paddle and drinks bottle were swirling around in an eddy at the bottom of the falls, my boat was stuck on a rock further down the river. Kevin went down and retrieved it. After a quick inspection, the only damage seemed to be the nose of the boat had rather a sharp wedgey bit, the centre foam and hip pads were missing and one glove was gone.
Never mind Where's Wally, where's Kevin?

Me in my newly reshaped boat

Further down we came to another drop which we got out to inspect, I wasn’t too keen on doing this one, however we picked our line and down we went, successfully this time. It’s great when it goes right!

Ken nice and dry

Ken, was this added to the swim count - I don't think so!
(actually he was rinsing his kit after a sea trip)
We headed back home through Callander, Hubby Dear had already promised me an icecream.  After a hard paddle, I always think a double ice cream is deserved, so it was a honey comb crunch and raspberry ripple for me.
As I said, this was my first river trip this year, hopefully not my last, even though I had a swim, I still thoroughly enjoyed myself and had a good laugh to go with it.

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