Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Inchcolm evening paddle 13/7/11

Peters first FCAG trip

Heading out from Silver Sands
Sarah M
A short paddle was arranged for a lovely sunny Wednesday evening. We met up at Silver sands, where the tide was very low, so a long walk down the beach was needed, and headed out to Inchcolm, being escorted as we went by the most seals I've seen out there for a long time. All very inquisitive, but friendly all the same.

Iain pretending to watch the seals, but really eyeing up yet another boat
The abbey
Sarah M & Sarah T
Niall, Sandy and Trevor
Ken taking it easy
This was Peters first trip out with the club and hopefully he enjoyed it. After a quick stop on the island for a wee coffee, we headed back via Car Craig where Niall came to the rescue of a poor seagull with his foot caught up in a polybag. In his hurry to cut the bag off, he didn't realise he was holding the poor gull's head underwater thereby nearly drowning it. His thanks will probably be some well aimed splats to his car.

Seagull for tea?

Group starting back
Not there yet
Sarah T being escorted off
 We had a short paddle back, where I had hoped the tide would be fairly far in, but no, we really were on a low tide and we had even further to walk. A nice refreshing way to spend a glorious evening.

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