Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Beginners trip 27/8/11

Steve, Ian, Jane and Eileen
The 27th was to be our club's first coach led beginners day. The trip filled up fast with everyone wanting a shot at the new boats. We met down at Silver sands and was soon on the water. This was the first time Gregor, Steve, Ian, Eileen, Jane and Ryan (10) had been out on the sea. They had been practising before on the loch, with Gregor having a few river trips under his belt. The latter 4 stayed for a coaching session in the bay with Ken. Gregor, Trevor, Niall and my good self headed out past Car Craig, hoping to cut across to Oxcars. Once we reached Car Craig, we decided against Oxcars as we were starting the fast flow and the waves out there were kicking up a bit. We headed round the back of Inchcolm and up past Haystacks, up to St David's bay. The seals were out in force, being very inquisitive.
Gregor & co
I feel I'm being followed
Gregor and big Helga
Round the back of Inchcolm
We were to meet the other group at Braefoot bay to join them for lunch, (very civilised). Once we met up and were tannoyed to move away from Helga, (we were just paddling past), we all paddled back over to Inchcolm to have lunch. We were kept entertained by the wedding party which came staggering off the boat, before following the wee path up to the abbey. The staggering had nothing to do with the waves, it was more to do with the Buckfast they were swigging, certainly can't hide class! With the groom away up to the abbey, the bride eventually appeared, along with her bridesmaids, when they all had a mad dash into the loos. Once they came out, it was photo shoot time - posing in front of the aforementioned toilets. That should look good in the wedding album! Once the entertainment was over, we all paddled round Inchcolm again, I seem to have been here already, then back to Silver sands. Another wonderful days paddling.
Back at Silver sands

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