Monday, 19 December 2011

How to cope with manic Christmas shoppers 18/12/11

I've found the easiest way to cope with all those Christmas shoppers is go paddling.  Niall certainly wasn't acting like a manic shopper and Hubby-dear has never been a shopper of any kind. He'd possibly need a satnav to find his way to the shops, which is worrying me a bit, as there is no surf kayak shaped parcel with a big pink bow on it under the Christmas tree with my name on it. Just kidding - I don't need the bow!

Me heading out from Seafield
Hubby-dear on a chocolate break
On Sunday, we decided to have a wee paddle out from Seafield hoping to come back in time to try out the surf. Once we arrived, we realised we'd have to change our plans - there was no surf, just a beautiful crisp calm day. We set off round the small islands in the bay before heading past Kinghorn and round towards Burntisland. The tide was out so we had the huge sandbank to clear. As Niall and Hubby-dear had never been out to the Black Rock, we decided to have our lunch there.

Lunch on the Black Rock
It started to get cold quickly, but by now we had a nice wind blowing us back to Seafield. A lovely refreshing day.

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  1. Wish I'd been there, but the central heating had packed up and the house drain was blocked. Got hypothermia at home instead.