Saturday, 24 March 2012

5* conditions - not!

Some folks will park anywhere!
Iain on his private island. That red buoy is his camera float!
A nice wee jaunt out in our usual spot last weekend. In at North Queensferry, up to the new bridge, well the bit of island that has been created for the bridge legs. A nice paddle down under the road bridge, then under the Forth bridge to Inchgarvie.
Huey, Dewey & Louie
Me under the bridge
Iain and Niall
Little boat, big boat, massive bridge.
 It was then a long paddle down to Inchmickery. Then it was an even longer paddle for Hubby dear who towed Iain and Niall all the way over to Oxcars lighthouse. His face matched his red boat beautifully by the time he got there. This was in preparation for his 5* sea assessment next week. As you can probably see, it was hardly 5* conditions.
Has the radio active particles at Dalgety Bay affected the wildlife
 We then cut round by Car Craig and over to Hawkesmuir, where it was time for a bit of rolling, self rescue practise. The sun may have shone brightly, but the water was still bitterly cold. After that, we headed back into Silver Sands Bay for some very welcome hot soup.
Self rescues


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