Saturday, 23 June 2012

Boreray and Stac Iain

We are by now settling into our morning routine, Anne rearranging her bags, me continually losing my glasses, Murty eventually emerging from down below and Iain always getting the corner seat . The three non paddling passengers sit tucked in the other corner, possibly worried incase Anne packs them away, but more than likely still shell shocked at the organised chaos that is a group of paddlers getting ready for the day. They only went ashore once during their trip. I think after we left, they sat back with relief and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Pick up a Puffin!
Hubby dear with Hirta
Murdo took us over to Boreray, where we launched next to a mass of Puffins, the most I'd ever seen together. We set off up towards Stac Lee with thousands of Gannets swirling overhead.
Iain claiming Stac Iain
As we approached the stac, Iain jumps into the water and makes a general request for someone to look after his boat. A few jaws dropped at him doing this and stayed dropped when neither Hubby dear nor I batted an eyelid, this being the sort of thing Iain enjoys doing, we're quite used to it. As Iain clung to some slimy bits of seaweed and possibly needed a manicure after scrambling at the rocks, he has claimed Stac Lee as Stac Iain as probably no-one has set foot on the island for a while.



Back in the boat, we carry on north and round Stac an Armin, then down the east side of Boreray, where the waves were getting interesting bouncing back off the island. We certainly weren't exploring any nooks and crannies on this side. As we rounded the bottom, everything settled down again and we headed back to the Cuma via some caves after more island claiming from Iain and Hubby dear.


More island claiming!
After more nosh, with the boats tied down, it was time to leave St Kilda. It amazes me how it has managed to survive thousands of years constantly getting battered by huge storms (not while we were there!) with having so many arches, caves and tunnels, it must be like a giant Aero. It truly is a magical place.
That evening we stayed in the beautiful bay at Taransay. Another evening of serious discussions ensued, such as whisky or Bailey's? or what about both!
Beautiful Taransay bay

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