Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Kayakey Kid goes for Gold!

This one will do, I'll grow into it!
We had a recent jaunt up to Paddle 2012 in Perth as Stuart from Seakayak Oban had kindly brought my plastic sea boat across the country for me to collect. As the Kayakey Kid is boat daft, we took him along. He was in seventh heaven, boats in every direction. Didn't matter if they were big, wee, open, sea or river - they were boats! He had a great old time getting his card filled with stickers from participating stands and was getting a dab hand at asking for "things".
He came across the Coastguard stand where he collected so many fliers and stickers, they insisted on him also taking one of their carrier bags. He obviously thought his bag looked a bit empty as he boldly asked if he could also get one of their "walkie talkies", he was meaning their radios!
This is how you do it

He happily carried on round the show until he came across the indoor kayak race. On he clambered and instantly fell off the other side, luckily he tends to just bounce! Margaret Chapman kindly came over to give him a hand and finished his race in an impressive 4 minutes (would he have been quicker on his own?). This meant he was in the winning position in his category which magically appeared, his being the "up to age 3" category. He was pleased as punch to get a certificate and his first SCA kayak "cup" OK, blue mug, impressively presented by gold medallist Tim Baillie. He was allowed a shot of Tim's gold medal to wear round his neck which he declared was every heavy and could he keep it! He thought it was another "freebie" - I've taught him so well!
The Kayakey Kid with that "Every Heavy" gold medal and his winning SCA cup! 


  1. Sounds like it was a great day, Sarah. We all certainly understand the meaning of "boat daft"! :) We had the opportunity to visit Seakayak Oban in November - it whet the appetite for the next time. Best wishes. D and J.

    1. Hi Duncan and Joan,
      Our little Kayakey Kid certainly loves anything "boat".