Monday, 11 November 2013

Garvellachs this time!

Another SCA trip, another bar table! Honestly they don't all start like this, but it can be fun when they do!

Hubby dear and I finished work early and made our way up to Ellenabeich where we left the car, packed our boats and made the short trip over to Easdale. At least this time we knew where we were going and could actually see the island - see last years trip. It didn't take long before we were sitting in the Puffer bar with Andy, Alan, Ansgar and Alice (your name doesn't have to start with A to be on this trip!) As always a great natter and a good giggle ensued.
Next morning we made the open crossing back over to the mainland (must be about 200m) to meet up with the rest of the group. It's great meeting new friends, some we haven't seen since last years trip, some we have seen during the year and some we saw only last week, Ansgar and Alice, up at the Priest Island.
Mull in the background
Passing Fladda
Hubby dear and Ansgar
 It was decided the trip would be a day trip with the option of heading back to Andy's for a bit of a get together in the evening. The reason being a (very) strong wind was forecast for the Sunday.
We came out of Easdale Sound and headed down past Cullipool on Luing at great speed! We were hugging the coast as the tide out in the middle was still going against us. Further down Luing, we cut across to a little bay on Lunga for a breather. The pace we were going at, we were needing a breather! Next we cut through the Grey Dogs before making our way across to The Garvellachs. At least this year we made it out.
Time for nosh!
Alice and Ansgar on top of the world!
 We stopped in at a wee bay for lunch with time to explore what was left of the monastery and beehives. After that we had a clamber up the hill and what a view we got up there! In one direction, we could see all the way over to Easdale and beyond. In the other direction, the full length of the south of Mull. It was interesting to see that view, reminding me of a couple of years back when we did that whole stretch in one day.
In one direction - across the islands
The other direction - Mull (sorry for the poor stitching, happens when you can't see the lens with no glasses!)
Alan heading downhill

Ian and myself
 After lunch, we made our way up the west side of the islands where the clapotis made that part interesting. Some paddlers were a touch uncomfy here, so at the next gap in the islands we cut back through to the sheltered side before heading back up to Easdale in a sea which seemed to be getting more and more bumpy.
Heading home
Who needs boats!

That night at Andy's as we were looking through his Tasmanian circumnavigation photos (excellent)the wind fair picked up. Next day over breakfast, the wind was blowing an absolute hooley by now! We checked the weather to see when there might be a break in the wind for our paddle back - we were in the middle of the "calm" weather, forecast to pick up even more to F8, F9 in the Hebrides (thankfully we're not there!)
A mad dash followed, packing up, rushing over to the boats for our open crossing back over to Ellenabeich.
A,A,A & A. Still smiling, still standing despite the wind.
 Safely across, goodbyes were said. Another fantastic weekend!


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    1. Hi Anne,
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