Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Rock the boats

Turn! You're heading to Edinburgh!
 The second week of being a student for AWE sessions saw us launching down at Aberdour.
First, check all the kit Hubby dear says he has packed whilst you get the lunch and tea ready. Second, go all the way back home for the spraydecks Hubby dear decided to leave at home! The good thing with this was it saved me the long humph with boats down to the far out tide. By the time I got back, the rest of the group were on the water warming up.

 We started off using different strokes and edging for turning up and down wind moving further out into the bumpy water.
We were going to head over to Inchcolm for lunch, but in spring tides on full pelt with the wind over tide, Mortimer's Deep can get a bit messy, so we decided to have lunch beside Braefoot.
Sunny lunch spot

Looking for rocks!
   After our wee break, we were using rocks to show the effect of trim on the boats, some of us using really large/lots of rocks making it look like we were trying to do tailey's in a sea kayak!
Sandy sitting a bit tail heavy
Heading over to Inchcolm
 Once the rocks were dumped again, the waters had calmed slightly, we had our wee tour of Inchcolm again.
Nicely sheltered
 All in all another great day out!

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