Wednesday, 10 September 2014

June jaunts


Setting off from Seacliff
The problem with spending so much time out paddling (could there really be such a problem?) is that this page goes a bit to pot! That's where my problem comes into it, I use this page a bit like a log book to remind myself where I've been, what I've been doing and who with! So with all that in mind I'm doing a mass June paddle excluding 2 club nights per week.
It was that big!
A few Gannets
Passing the Pulpit
After coming home from Islay, our next wee outing was to Seacliff with LSKC for a short paddle out and round the Bass. On the way out, some of us had the opportunity to have a play with North Berwick lifeboat, allowing them the chance to practise rescuing paddlers from their boats. We finished off the day with a wee surf playtime before heading onto the beach for a BBQ.
Mike looking smug at the mayhem he caused Hubby dear (in the background!)
Happy to have survived
The next week it was time for a wee trip up to St Andrews as the surf report was looking great. We arrived to find 2" "waves". The swell kind of picked up for a short spell, well long enough for me to catch the wave of the day, which was a reasonable size - big enough to trash one of the fins on my boat!
More Wheeeeee!
Next day was another trip with LSKC. This time we were taking our OCs over to Loch Lomond.
Leaving Balmaha

The wee blue sweetie bags makes another appearance
Ice cream stop at Luss
Looking up the loch
Nick looking a bit worried, that thing really zoomed!
Getting some wind assistance
  As it was, we were the only two with OC's, the rest being in seakayaks. Why is it any time I have an OC out on Loch Lomond it seems to be blowing a hooley? This day was no exception! The good thing about tying the boats back on the car that day was that we were ready for our trip the next day.
Checking out the Linn of Tummel
This day was with FCAG and their family fun day held up at Loch Faskally. The sun managed to disappear most of the day, but a good time was still had by all who attended with trips down the loch, others running the Tummel and another group playing on the Garry dodging the bungee jumpers overhead!
Hard work all this paddling

The final weekend in June saw me leading a group along the coast to Lower Largo with FSKC. The weather going out to Elie was beautiful, but started picking up on our return which was fine as it helped to blow us back home.
Cave keeking

Checking out the chain walk

Passing East Vows

Looking out to a far away Bass Rock from the other side

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