Monday, 5 January 2015

2014 paddling memories

Ian from Mountain and Sea put up the challenge, wondering what our 2014 paddling memories were.
This has been a hard one, having had a fantastic years paddling with so many great trips.
Was it finding the peace and quiet of Dunalistair Water once the Kayakey Kid had returned home?
Could it have been the Big Bash?
What about open canoeing in Knockando?
Then there was the Summer Isles again!
Of course there was Jersey
Closely followed by Islay
It might have been the Women's Sea Paddling Festival on Bute
Or possibly our bumpy jaunt out from Easdale
In between all that, I've had some great fun on trips locally and further afield, with friends from FCAG, FSKC and LSKC, whether it's been river trips, open canoes, sea kayaking or getting pounded in the surf, but I think Islay probably wins. How couldn't it? We had a great laugh, great paddling and of course the occasional great whisky!


  1. Great stuff Sarah - tough to choose once you start looking back! :o)

    Kind regards

  2. Looked like a GREAT 2014, Sarah! Best wishes and may you have an equally awesome 2015. :) Duncan and Joan.

    1. Yes, we had a great years paddling, lovely to look back on. Best wishes for 2015, we might even see you out on the sea sometime.

  3. Woo hoo! I love it when you agree with me! How couldn't you? :)