Sunday, 28 June 2015

Aunty Betty - Hmmm!


Our SSKEG group of the day
 A couple of weeks back Ian was good enough to organise a trip out from Stonehaven for SSKEG. The previous trip from Montrose had to be cancelled due to our rather breezy weather so I was extra pleased this trip was going ahead. Although I'm from the East coast, I don't often seem to get the opportunity to paddle this area.

Massive caves
Awesome arches!
7 of us met up at Stonehaven harbour on a beautiful sunny morning. We paddled out from the harbour and headed south. The coast line round here is so different from our Fife coastline, lots of caves and cliffs.
Big caves

Long caves
 The last bay must have been my favourite, friendly inquisitive seals and a freshwater shower.
We headed back after this, a whole 4km down the coast - that's how interesting the caves and cliffs are!

Fresh water showers
Our friendly seal above

And below!
 Just as well we started back then, the head wind had really picked up and it was quite a slog getting back. We were cheered up with the appearance of a pod of dolphins.

This was all rewarded by the most extravagant icecream cone ever! I would highly recommend a visit to Aunty Betty's, whether you've been out for a strenuous paddle or a gentle daunder!
Now that's what I call an ice cream!!!!
 A huge thanks to Ian and SSKEG for organising this trip, I'm already looking forward to the next one up there!

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