Monday, 13 July 2015

Scuba do bah do!

No going back!

The good thing about our trip up to Barra being cut short due to stinky weather and striking ferrymen, was that we had a weekend with nothing to do! Such a weekend is almost unheard of - OK, we have masses of wet, salty kit to sort out, but that doesn't really count.
So I suggested to Hubby dear that we pop along to the swimming pool on the Friday evening to brush up our scuba skills. We are really only holiday divers, so it's like starting from scratch everytime and I would like to improve one day!

So along we went and had a great time just pootling around the pool. Mark, the big boss!, suggested our next step would be to do our drysuit diver. We had done our open diver abroad where no drysuits were required. It just so happened they were going out the next day, so before I had the chance to talk myself out of it, we said we'd be there!
Next morning, we met up down at Burntisland's Divebunker, donned hot drysuits on a beautifully hot, sunny day. We were going to be boil in the bags! After the short walk to the jetty, all looking rather fetching in our mega thick neoprene get ups, we jumped on board the RIB. We weren't going far, just along to the Vows, off Kirkcaldy. We had read up our drysuit book the night before, now it was going to be time to put it all into practise.

Lots of new things happened that day. I'd always stepped off a boat up until then, this time we were rolling in backwards. So far so good. I always have a bit of phaffing at the top, til I get my breathing right, this time I got down OK, another tick. We then went through all the balancing, equalising things, then off for a wee swim. The visibility was pretty poor, but it was still great being down.
We needed 2 dives to complete our drysuit diver, so next day we were out again. Again it was back to the Vows. It wasn't such a hot day, but the visibility was much better.
Again I got down fine and went off for a wee swim. Lots of crabs, sea urchins and starfish, little flounders and lots of large soft corals and anemones and a lovely dinky little swimming Queen scallop.

My first diving weekend in Scotland, I thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to my next dive.
So although this hasn't been a kayaking scenario, it was still a soggy one!

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