Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A day of firsts and hopefully a last.

Heather at Leven
Sunday morning started out in it's usual beautiful freezing cold way. We arrived at Leven to paddle round to St Monance. This was Heather's first sea trip having done a fair bit of paddling in sea kayaks on the loch in some pretty bumpy conditions. The "boys" headed off in the cars to St Monance for the shuttle, whilst Heather and I carted the boats down the beach. When you're the ones left to look after the kit, shuttles always seem to take forever and while waiting for the others to return, we had to haul the boats back up the beach a couple of times.
Passing Silverburn
STILL in Largo bay
 We eventually got out on the water, which was up until now lovely, flat calm. We headed round Largo Bay which seems a never ending one. The wind and the waves were by now picking up with some of the waves hitting us sideways on. This should have told me to stop daydreaming and pay attention, but I had plenty on my mind. What happened next is still a mystery to me (and everyone who was with me). One minute I was upright, away in a wee world of my own, the next I was sharing the wee world of the fishes. My attempt at a roll can only be described as pants! In all my years sea kayaking, other than rescue sessions and surfing, this was only my 3rd swim (rivers are a different story completely), but I still managed to beat myself up about it the rest of the day.

Shell bay

Definate yellow glow here
We paddled on round to Shell bay for a stretch of the legs before carrying on past the Chain walk caves for a bit of a play, then arriving at Earlsferry for lunch. On our way, I spotted a bottle which Hubby dear hauled out. Inside there was a rolled up bit of paper which I thought might just say "bring more beer". We did spread it out later to find a map of "Treasure Island " showing where Pirate city is and a cross presumably marking where the treasure is buried. Another piece of paper listed what we would need to bring with us, including a bottle of rum, parret (optional), shirt (no button) and a bunch of you maties.

X marks the treasure
List of requirements
While having lunch, there was a call over the radios from a RIB supporting divers. Their "starter string" had burst, so they were stranded and couldn't get to the divers who were now in a bit of a current. It was really interesting to see and hear the rescue taking place and certainly makes you appreciate the coastguard with lifeboat crews involved from Kinghorn, Anstruther and Leven.

Arriving at St Monance
Back home, tired after our paddle, I was running a hot bath, chatting to No 3 son when the radio crackled into life. No 3 son thought it was a bit much getting a coastguard weather report for a bath. Hubby dear had forgotten to switch the radio off!

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