Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Time for the Tay

It seems ages since I was last out in a boat. Things such as work and flu has kept me off the water, that and going away for Hubby dear's 50th birthday.
Sea kayaker, river kayaker
Surf kayaker

Old kayaker
We did get out for a very quick stint with two surf kayaks we've been trying. When I say very quick, there really were no waves, so it wasn't much fun.
Iain in his crumbly tower
Ken nabbing Iain's boat
So last weekend, we decided a wee jaunt up to the Tay would be in order. We've paddled the Tay further up with river boats plenty of times, but considering the Tay borders Fife to the north, we don't really paddle this area very much, not sure why not, possibly because we have good paddling on the Forth.
Iain's next climbing tower?
Ken, Iain and Niall heading for Dundee
Iain under the road bridge
Niall eyeing up the Discovery
We carried on over to Broughty Ferry, then up the coast to Dundee. After passing underneath the road bridge, we passed the Discovery, but it was blocked in so couldn't pinch it to take it for a wee spin. We then arrived at the rail bridge where we crossed back over to Fife. It was pleasant having a cheery bit of banter with the workmen on the bridge, who I think were a bit surprised to see us, unlike when we were near the Forth rail bridge a couple of years back, where we got chased by an extremely fast boat keeping everyone from stopping underneath.
Ken under the rail bridge
Iain keeping his distance (he really didn't smell of bird poo!)
Back in Fife, it was definitely lunch time (tummy rumbles told me this), although it was a quick stop as the day was still really cold. After lunch, we sped back down with the tide and slight breeze behind us helping us along.
It was great being up on the Tay, I've no doubt we'll be up there more often.

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