Sunday, 15 April 2012

Back on the river at last

A very low Tay
Up at the Linn
And again
Down at the island
The last time I was out on the rivers, it was the Tay descent last year and that was in a sea boat. Last time I was in a river boat was way back in August when we had a gentle paddle down the Lower Tummel. I decided I would have to get back out again or I would forget everything I knew about river paddling (some folks might say that's not a lot!). Hubby dear and I set off on Easter Monday for a park and play up at Stanley. Once I eventually got myself into my boat (I keep forgetting how small they are) I had a wee paddle up stream, ferry gliding back and forward, trying to get my balance again, before heading up to see what the Linn was like. I don't think I've ever seen the Tay so low at this time of year. We had a bit of a play up at the Linn, I found out I haven't forgotten how to roll! We then headed down to the weir for another play before eventually calling it a day. By now I was absolutely jiggered but still had enough energy to munch another cream egg, yum!
Down at the weir
And again
Rinsing the salt out of the kit!

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