Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Friday evening paddling

Not much action here
Getting there & still upright!
A rare sight, Colin in a boat!
With our club nights about to move back out onto the loch, I thought it would be a good time to remind myself what an open boat looked like. Friday evening, Colin, Hubby dear and myself had a wee jaunt up to Lochore and hauled the boats out. The weather was perfect for me, not a breath of wind. I don't work well with open boats when there is a slight chance of even the merest of breezes and a slight flow is a no, no! We had a pleasant paddle round the loch and through the islands, going over some of the strokes, with varying degrees of success. I admire paddlers who can go through big, bumpy waters in an open boat AND control it. One of those days I might manage.
What a wonderful evening


  1. Sarah, we so enjoy all your "scenarios". and all the pics. We look forward to our next visit to wonderful Scotland later this year. Best wishes, D&J

    1. Thanks for that. You never know, we might meet up later this year.