Saturday, 11 May 2013

Paddling - the solution to all sorts of problems!

Glen Coe, don't know what I've done to the photo!
I recently had one of those weekends I dread, lots of paperwork to do for our club, another group I'm with, end of year tax "stuff" and a bit of a disaster of a house, well I do still have No3 son at home!
My solution to all those problems was - make a piece, fill a flask and go paddling - problem sorted!
Hubby dear and I set off early on the Saturday morning and met up with Ray and Eck under the Ballachulish bridge.

Looking down Loch Linnhe

Dare I say it was a lovely spring day. The last time I had paddled in this stretch of water was when I was sitting my 4* sea assessment in completely different conditions! They had even cancelled the ferries as the conditions were so bad, a bit big and bumpy, but what a great days paddling we had, even though we were being assessed.
I headed down the Loch Linnhe, glad to be away from all the stuff still sitting at home. Ray was full of cheer - and the snuffles, possibly man -'flu! As we paddled and nattered, he would recall previous paddling trips, telling us about one of the paddlers who he hadn't seen for a while and declared "He might be deid!" Cheery! Then onto another story about someone who was quite old when Ray declared "He might be deid too!"  Further down the Loch it was mentioned that we'd be passing a cemetery soon when Ray suggested if his cold didn't improve, we could just leave him there (we've got a bit of a theme running here!), however Hubby dear preferred the option of just dumping him on one of the sporadic wild fires which were still burning, less hassle!

We landed on Eilean Balnagowan for a noisy lunch along with lots of geese.
Snowy Ben Nevis

Rain clouds didn't catch up!
It was great just on a day trip, but feeling so far away from my "stuff." Looking in one direction at the snow capped mountains on Mull and a very white Ben Nevis in the other direction.
We headed back up the loch with a nice breeze helping us along giving some good wee surf waves. It wasn't long before we were back at Ballachulish, thankfully with Ray still intact!
Heading home
By the way, I have since got on top of most of my paper work!


  1. "Paddling - the solution to all sorts of problems!" Understood, Sarah. Totally understood. :)) Duncan.

  2. Thank you for that. I was sure I wasn't the only one with a strong dislike of boring "stuff" that really has to be done - after a paddle!