Sunday, 14 April 2013

Why porpoises are like buses.

We recently had our annual Easter egg hunt, I'm saying hunt, but as I bought the eggs, I didn't see why I should go searching them out as well!

The trip was originally well signed up for, but as usual folks started dropping out, as can happen. Then, although I had previously announced that "Spring has arrived!", it certainly didn't hang around for long resulting in more paddlers giving feeble excuses like - it's too cold! Can I point out we stay in Scotland, it's not that cold, maybe cool and a tad breezy at times!
Thank goodness for hats!
By now we were down to 3 for the trip. Me being one, Hubby dear being another and Niall (who must be willing to do anything for a Cadbury's creme egg). Just as we were wondering whether to cancel the trip and just sit somewhere cosy and dry - but still eat the eggs, Iain signed up. With his wee trip round Scotland planned, he was needing to get in some "training". He did realise it was only out from Aberdour, round Inchcolm and back, breaking himself in gently to his strict training regime.
By the time we left Aberdour, there were a few waves, round the corner they picked up a wee bit, when Hubby dear shouted "porpoise". As the saying goes, you can wait for ages on a bus, then three come along all at once, a bit like the porpoises out in the Forth. Years of paddling with no sightings, then 3 one week and another on this trip - brill! Hopefully that wasn't the last of them.
After reaching Inchcolm and scoffing our eggs, it was back to Silversands in the dusk. I was glad it's not completely dark as there was quite a drift and swell by now.
Lovely sunset colours

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