Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Back to the May at last!

Leaving Anstruther
After promising ourselves a trip back out to the Isle of May, we eventually made it. We met up with Young Trevor at Anstruther harbour, a busy wee place as a group from FSKC were also launching from there, heading round the coast a bit to Fifeness.
About half way there
Waiting for a higher tide?
We set off on yet another lovely day and didn't take too long to get to the island. After playing around in some of the caves, some being seal occupied, and cutting through areas that the low tide allowed, we arrived at the harbour only to find out that we weren't first there that day.
Fabby coloured seas
Long way up
Going through a cut
Lining up for target practise?
 A large group of kayaks were already there. As we cut through the surf and trying to figure out who it could be, all we heard was "It's Ken and Sarah!" (our Sunday names!). It was Dave and a group from Lothian Sea Kayak Club who had paddled over from "the other side"! - North Berwick. It was a busy place, with the tide being so low, there was a long humph with the boats - us coming in and them leaving.
Young Trevor, always smiling!
LSKC going back "to the other side"

Isle of May Lighthouse
Frothy seas
 We had a nice lazy lunch stop watching masses of rabbits, but no puffins yet.
There was quite a large swell coming from the east which we had to cut back through, but once out it was fine. We  were accompanied as usual by seals until about half way back.
All downhill?
Arriving back in Anstruther harbour, we could see the paddlers from FSKC had just returned in front of us, either that or they hadn't actually left the harbour!
A quick load of the boats, then it was across the road for some well deserved yummy icecream!
Great times!
RNLB Kingdom of Fife

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