Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Loch Rannoch and the Kayakey Kid!

Loch Rannoch
Well, it was that time of year again, Loch Rannoch time of year that is. I always consider our wee jaunt up to Loch Rannoch as a peaceful, lazy (if we want it to be)well chilled out week, one that we always look forward to - except this year Hubby dear suggested taking the Kayakey Kid for a few days - so much for chilled out peace!
Red deer
Our first day there, we went for a walk up the hill past Craiganour Lodge, hoping to get as far as the wee bridge, quite a step considering, the Kayakey Kid just has short legs. He kept himself going by serenading the Highland coos and playing on every tiny patch of snow he could find. Once at the bridge, we had our picnic whilst watching a herd of Red deer, however, the burn was much more fun, chucking stones in it.

Next day, we made our way along to Rannoch station to get the train up to Fort William. It must be the prettiest train journey I've been on, up over the moors and down past Loch Treig.  We had a walk along the waterside, where surprisingly the Kayakey Kid managed to rearrange the shoreline of Loch Linnhe.
Rearranging Loch Linnhe
On the Sunday, we had decided to go for a paddle.
Hubby dear and the Kayakey Kid
Solo paddling?
 We took the car down to the carpark next to the Rannoch power station where we launched the boats. I took the old Mystic whilst Hubby dear took my red boat,  with the Kayakey kid fitting in the front hatch - minus the hatch cover.  The water was beautifully calm. We headed out and past the crannog Eilean nam Faoileag to the other side, a bit of a paddle around before going back to the crannog for lunch - oh and to rearrange the island shoreline. In the afternoon, it was over to Pitlochry to meet up with No.2 son so he could collect the Kayakey Kid - peace at last!
Full moon over Loch Tummel
Don't get me wrong, it's great having our grandson around, I'm just not sure where little people get all their energy from, but the next day was a lazy recuperating day!
Chilly Dall burn

Tuesday was when we went for a walk round the Black Wood with our walking buddies. One of them was Tracey who we've met on previous holidays. She was telling us about her previous paddling trip, Canoeing down the Yukon. Her next planned trip, paddling along the Mexican coast. Was I a little jealous? not at all - I was enormously jealous!
Even the ducks found the paddling hard
Tracey had tried to hire a kayak on Loch Rannoch, but to no avail, so the next day the three of us headed back down to the carpark where Tracey took the Mystic, pogies and Hubby dear's yelly wellies (a first paddling in wellies!)  and I was back in my own boat. Hubby dear was off for a wander with his camera. Our plan was to head west along the Loch to Bridge of Gaur, paddle under the bridge and round where the barracks are, a really pretty area. Once on the loch, we soon had to change our plans. The water was even calmer if that was possible - and frozen! We made our way along the edge of the ice to the opposite side, had a bit of a paddle around, the back to the crannog and generally pottered around putting in a bit of time before heading over to Crosscraig where Hubby dear was meeting us with lunch.

Checking out the ice edge
Our UFO!
Because the day was so nice, after the pair of them had, had a stone chucking play, Tracey and I decided to paddle back home.
It was a fair paddle back, but the miles went by quite quickly as we discussed important things such as UFO's which turned out to be a big foil balloon, and our shared love of ice cream, chocolate, beer and which good whiskies would be at that evening's tasting session.
Our wee selection of rather fine whiskies



  1. Sounds like a wonderful time, Sarah, and such an important opportunity for the KK! :) I remember many years ago, when we had a Nautiraide folding kayak. We cut (carefully) a extra hole in the deck spray cover and "inserted" our young son. He loved it. Really nice post. Duncan.

    1. Thanks for that Duncan, not sure if the Kayakey Kid will fit a kayak in this manner much longer, might have to keep an eye open for a mini boat!