Saturday, 16 March 2013

Spring is here!

We had a wonderful 2nd trip out with FSKC, putting in at Lower Largo. We had originally planned on going to the May Island, but one of the paddlers was coming out on the water for the first time. The May trip isn't exactly a beginners trip. A trip up to Elie was arranged with the chance of a bit of rock hopping for the rest of us, hence the plastic boat was stuck on the roof. We arrived in Lower Largo in beautiful sunshine, flat calm seas, perfect starter conditions, pity no starter turned up that day!
Ray and Lara at the start of the chainwalk

5 of us set off across the bay amazed at what a wonderful day it was and we were still in February. We soon arrived at the rocky section which gave us a chance to have a bit of a play in the rocks and try to check out some of the caves. The tide was very low, so we couldn't get into all the caves. The chains on the chain walk have been replaced fairly recently and were still nice and shiny (and still there!) We even managed to find one of the caves we knew about, but had never found before. When we saw it we realised just how low the tide had to be to get in.
No way through
Found the cave at last
Low water entrance
Just past here, we had 3 porpoises swimming very close by. I think having the water so calm meant they were easier to spot. Although we're out on the Forth regularly, this is only the 2nd time we've seen them here. I have seen a large pod of dolphins in the Forth before, but not while I was paddling, just from the beach.
Lara porpoise spotting
Climbing frame?
With a bird's eye view

We then headed out to West Vows where Hubby dear insisted on getting out for a clamber. No wonder the Kayakey Kid can't sit still when his Grandad is just as bad!
It was then over to the lovely sandy beach at Earlsferry for lunch before heading back the way we came.

A simply superb day for paddling with great company again.


  1. Spring is here! You should have been out on Sunday- ran away from Crail because it was so bad.

    1. Oops! sorry, possibly a bit premature in predicting spring, but it was wonderful!!!