Tuesday, 5 March 2013

My maiden paddle with FSKC

Alan going clockwise or is it anti clockwise?
After meeting up with Mike and TG on the St Kilda trip, we had intended joining the local Fife Sea Kayaking Club, but had taken until now to actually get round to doing it.
After canoe polo training on Friday evening with FCAG, we met some of the members of our new club during a pool session on the Saturday and decided to join them for a paddle on the Sunday going out from one of our usual put in points, Silver Sands. Some things never change! It seems that Alan goes out on more or less the same route most Saturdays or Sundays, or even both days (rumour is, he sometimes does the trip anti clockwise!).
Passing Inchcolm
6 of us left Aberdour and headed out round Inchcolm before having a gentle paddle up the Forth to North Queensferry to stop for a bite of lunch.
After lunch we headed into Inverkeithing bay. We've paddled this stretch of the Forth many times, but have always avoided going into the harbour here. Seeing it from the road, it's always minging looking, piles of scrap metal and generally grotty. I was more than surprised to see that, that part of the harbour is away off in the far corner and the rest of the area is lovely. It has a real wee community feel about it and I admit, it was my favourite part of the paddle (other than paddling with some new paddling acquaintances).
Inverkeithing Harbour
Admiring a new boat?
Watch out for cows!

 We carried on past St David's bay with a breeze picking up against us, then past Haystacks with a bit of a breather at Braefoot Bay. It's great having new folks to have a natter with while paddling. Most folk that know me will possibly be surprised that I think Ray from the club natters more than me, telling me about previous club trips and what other members have been getting up to. All good stuff!
It wasn't long before we were back at Aberdour to see a familiar figure walking down the beach. The aforementioned TG had been in the area and had come down to see who was out paddling.
I look forward to many more trips with this club.


  1. Meant to say on your last posting, Sarah, how cool that Packashack looks. It's just what we need here to get into and out of dry suits in parking lots, up and down the Island. A really cool idea. Will check to see if they're available here. Loved your "initial" description of Inverkeithing Harbour - glad it turned out better! :) Duncan.

    1. Hi Duncan and Joan
      The Packa Shacks are great when it's freezing and miserable, knowing it's somewhere clean and cozy to change.
      Inverkeithing was a real eye opener to me. I've lived in Fife all my life (all 21 years!!!)and didn't appreciate what was round the corner!