Sunday, 7 July 2013

Bass rock 9/6/13

A very small looking Bass rock
We were looking forward to another jaunt out to the Bass rock with FSKC. Last time we were there was back in 2009 when we still had our old blue Carolinas. Unfortunately this trip was cancelled as the organiser couldn't manage that day. I suggested to Hubby dear that we could still run the trip if the rest of the club were happy enough with that. I duly emailed all concerned and was pleasantly surprised at how many were wanting to go, especially as we were new to the club and didn't really know that many members yet.
Passing Tantallon
12 of us met on the shore in North Berwick on a lovely sunny day and set off along the coast towards Tantallon Castle. It has been almost a year since our trip out to St Kilda where we met Mike and his lack of hat. This was the first time we had paddled together since so there was a lot of catching up to do.
On the way round we stopped off in the hidden harbour at Seacliff, a tiny little harbour which was a tight squeeze with 12 kayaks manoeuvring carefully so we could all get in.
Rounding the rock

After this we cut across to the Bass Rock. Everything was going well until one of the guys decided to take a photo - underwater! Unfortunately it wasn't a waterproof camera and there is now some cool dude of a flounder sporting a pair of sunglasses which was lost during his swim! Rounding the rock was a bit bumpy and before long same guy had swim number 2, just glad it wasn't me!
What was surprising was the amount of Gannets flying and still coming away unpooped on!

Mike with his new hat!
Friendly seal
Me 'n' He
We then made our way over to the lovely, sandy  Canty Bay for lunch before heading back towards North Berwick where some of the group headed back to the cars. The rest of us carried on down to Craigleith  where we saw lots of my favourite Puffins, then on to Lamb with lots more Puffins before battling back into the now increasing breeze to North Berwick, a hot chocolate and a large slice of well deserved cake at the Sea Bird centre.

Craigleith's Puffins


  1. Looks like a lovely paddle, Sarah, under those very special Scottish blue skies. We enjoyed a great evening at the Adam Smith Theatre (Calum's Road) last month. Most impressive production, indeed. Best wishes. Duncan and Joan.

  2. Hi Duncan and Joan, Yes it was a great paddle, short sleeves in Scotland! It does happen. Next time you're in our neck of the woods, let us know.