Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Plans! They're just made to be altered!

Heading out from Arisaig
After my trip out on the Forth, it was a dash back home to get the kit dried, Hubby dear's kit dried and ready for the next day.
Our original plan was to head up to Barra on the Friday evening, but the 4* training meant a Monday start. I was due at a first aid course the next Saturday. All this meant our holiday was getting shorter.
Plan B, Monday morning we'd head up to Arisaig, out to Eigg, across to Muck, then onto Ardnamurchan, when the wind direction was due to change and we'd be "blown" back up to Arisaig! Perfect!
Nearing Eigg
Across to Rum
Monday arrived with perfect conditions. After a rather delicious lunch in the Arisaig hotel we left to paddle over to Eigg. After being escorted off the skerries by the seals we had a lovely paddle over to Eigg having a welcome breather half way across to watch porpoises. It was the back of 6 by the time we reached the island. After another breather, OK, chocolate! we rounded the top of the island with wonderful views over to Skye and Rum, then onto the "Singing Sands" to camp for the night. It was a beautiful view out of the bay when we closed the tent for the night.

Oor wee hoose!
Next morning when we stuck our heads out of the tent someone had stolen Rum! Our beautiful view was now obliterated with mist and choppy water! Well that was the shorty cag getting packed away! The wind which was due later in the week had arrived earlier.We were heading across the Bay of Laig in a strong head wind  with Hubby dear promising that there would be shelter round the corner. Two reasons I didn't believe this. 1, I could see the weather and I can read maps. 2, we've been married over 25 years, I know when he's blethering!
Our campsite!
Can't see wind!
 At this rate I didn't fancy the crossing over to Muck. Plan C. We decided to make a run for the ferry terminal. Coming along the bottom of the island as we were passing the caves we could see the ferry coming over from Muck. We had a good, fast paddle round the corner (still no shelter!) in front of Chathastail trying to beat the ferry. It won! A good handbrake turn and we were sitting next to the ferry where the ferryman said just to get the kayaks loaded. I never thought we'd move them, they were still fully loaded but the thought of the wind we'd just been in must have given me the strength to help lug the boats on board.

After getting our tickets, we found ourselves "waterproof" seats as we were still in our damp kit. The ferry headed back over to Muck (so I guess we did still get there!), before turning and making it's way up to Mallaig.
Loch Nevis
We unloaded the boats, waited until the ferry has gone, then launched ourselves from the slip before the Skye ferry was due in. We had decided on paddling up to Loch Nevis, thinking that we would get shelter from the wind - we did to a certain extent. We were now getting a bit buffeted from the downdrafts from the mountains!
Who needs a dishwasher when you have a Husband!
A very Scottish stone
We found ourselves a pebble beach to camp on. The one consolation with the wind - no midges! The weather cleared up nicely in the evening and it was rather nice sitting having a plastic tumbler of wine with our tea, watching the seals and an otter fishing in "our bay"!
Playful otter
Beautiful sunset


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