Sunday, 26 January 2014

The launching of 2 boats. Part 1- A right Royal launch!

The launching of Sonic Too!

Just finishing off the beer
Just before I left for my holiday, I was fortunate enough to buy myself a new boat. Well, I'm saying new, it was second hand, but new to me and in such good condition that a fellow paddler did think it was a brand new boat, thanks to the care given to it by fellow SOTP member, Sue.
It's a lovely little We-no-nah Argosy. I had managed to have a try of a friends Argosy and loved it!
The launch was to be a gentle paddle on the Union Canal, plan to go in at Polmont, through the tunnel and out at the top of the Falkirk wheel.
Hubby dear being an icebreaker
KP as well
Sunny lunch spot

5 of us met bright and early on the very chilly Saturday morning, made our way to the canal, just to find it frozen solid! We decided to try the canal at Linlithgow where the barges had possibly kept it from freezing over - no, it was just as solid. Plan no. 3, we'd try Linlithgow loch! I've never paddled this wee loch before. We headed down to the waters edge. Thankfully the water was mostly unfrozen. As this was an official launch, I had brought a bottle of Hebridean Gold, not to smash, waste of good beer and makes a nasty mess, but just a wee swally! I had decided my new wee boat will be called "Sonic Too" after my much missed dog.
Linlithgow Palace
I have to say, launching in front of the palace was a rather lovely setting for my first paddle.


  1. I had to smile, Sarah. The very first time we tried to launch our very first kayaks - 36 years ago - was on Lake Louise (Alberta), in May. We couldn't think of a more magnificent place for our first paddle and it was near our destination, my first parish. We'd driven from Toronto where temperatures were summer-like. As you will know, Lake Louise is a mountain lake. Yes, at least two feet of ice! Made the other tourists smile. :) Best wishes from us, Duncan.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one to have made that mistake, although I don't think the ice was as thick as 2 feet. Not sure the canal is that deep, well not above the mud!