Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The launching of 2 boats. Part 2, Thankfully no Teithing problems

The launch No 2
The problem with me having my wee boat and Hubby dear not, meant I wasn't going to be out in it as much as I'd like. The solution, keep an eye open for a second boat. Much as I like my husband, he wasn't getting to share my boat, one of the reasons for getting a solo!
I knew this boat was to be used for coaching from as well as journeying and playing on the rivers, so when I spotted a lovely Freedom solo up for grabs, I started making enquiries. My next problem was that I'm up here in Fife, the boat was down in deepest Cambridgeshire (had to check the map to find out how far away that was, it's a long way!)
Thinking we were in for a long drive, I had mentioned it to a friend who then mentioned his son might just be going down to collect a Landrover from very close by. Problem solved! In the end the boat was up in Scotland in no time. I couldn't believe we had managed to get another boat in such good condition! Obviously well looked after by Nick.
No1 son complained about it, wondering where we would store all these boats! I think he felt we were doing to much SKIing, Spending the Kids Inheritance! I look on it as investment, if we didn't spend it, they would ask for a non returnable loan!
No2 son thought we could get more boats in the garage if we got rid of the freezer, he possibly understands us better, he's also a paddler!
No3 son just thinks Hey Ho! another boat!
Having a wee natter
Launch day for this boat was another cold day, well I guess it is winter! We met up with Madmoogs in Callander where we launched onto a fairly full Teith. None of the speeches and bottles of beer that I had, he's just not organised enough for that!
Catching a wave
Now Madmoogs turn
Now Hubby dear's turn
Colour co-ordinated
As Hubby dear is going for his MWE in the OC, Madmoogs and I were his students for the day. The sessions today were covering breaking in and out. Our first break out was just under the bridge where Madmoogs and I were having  a real wee natter about how good the 3 boats all looked, matching in red, but how Hubby dear would really need to change his grey drysuit for a purple one to match us!
After lots more breaking in and out, ferry gliding and catching what waves we could, we arrived at the bottom where a chorus of stecky groans coming from all three of us announced that our trip was over!

A nice, romantic, soft focus pic - no, just a smeary lens!
Next day to stop us seizing up too much, the pair of us were playing in the waves up at St Andrews. I'm saying playing, possibly getting pummelled would describe my time up there better, but all great fun!

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