Monday, 3 February 2014

A tiring Tay.

Another early, cold, wet morning to do what else but go paddling!
Practising on the wee big river
  This week it was only Me n He out, so we needed to somewhere to park and play. Back up to our old haunt, Burnmouth on the Tay.
Hubby dear was still practising for his MWE, this week he was concentrating on ferry gliding. We got ourselves kitted up, then for the shuttle to the waters edge, all of about 3feet. There was hardly any bank, the river was really high, much higher than the Tay descent, that meant it had flattened a lot of the bumpy stuff, on the other hand, it was flowing really fast with all the chutes up at the Linn in full tilt along with the wee big river flowing in at the side. The wall where we often go up to play beside had disappeared.
Across to the island
First challenge was paddling upstream. I had gone a couple of yards and was well jiggered! Hubby dear came to the rescue and pulled me up the first bit, after that it was OK. On to ferry gliding on the wee big river with my personal tuition, back, forward, try this, try that, back, forward. After a few goes, I was now really jiggered. Up the Tay a bit further, then repeating it all across the bigger, wider, faster flow across and back from the island. The problem with the flow being so fast and strong, when your angle was a bit off, it meant swooshing in the wrong direction rapidly, which I seemed to have my fair share of!
Catching the waves
Next in for a wee play on the waves with what little energy I didn't have left before crossing back over to the car.
It was next morning, when I could hardly move it occurred to me, we hadn't really paddled downstream, all upstream, no wonder I was jiggered!
Rinsing the kit!
Having said that, it was still good fun and the weather had changed while we were on the river to glorious sunshine!

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