Wednesday, 12 February 2014

When doing nothing never happens!

A clutter of canoes!
The big weekend for the MWE OC had finally arrived. The thought of a paddle free weekend was something I was really looking forward to. Whilst Hubby dear was sitting his assessment, I planned to spend the day doing absolutely nothing!
Well, that would be after doing the usual exciting things such as washing, ironing, paying invoices, putting in orders for work, oh I could hardly wait!
So when word came through that more mock students were needed and Hubby dear had put my name down, in my excitement,  I soon forgot about my day off doing nothing!

Keeking up to the bottom of The Soldier's Leap
Graeme looking pleased his first session is over!
The assessor, Claire, the three assesses and the 4 students all met up in Killiecrankie at 9.30 on the Sunday morning to paddle the Garry. I've never paddled this part of the Garry before, just walked down the side. The extremely long humph down the hill to the water also passed as our warm up, for once I was sweltering!
Concentrating going round in circles!

We put on the water just below The Soldiers Leap where Graeme started off his session with a really good lesson on inside and outside turns using the current to help us. His second lesson was ferry gliding, another good lesson. After lunch we carried on down the river a bit using the ferry gliding to jump from one side to the other with a few pirouettes thrown in for good measure.
Our third session was just passed the bungee bridge and came from Nick. His theme was going to be breaking in and out the eddies. However after giving us a demo, he decided the eddy wasn't defined enough to carry on with that plan. Off he toddled for a wee look at the other side of the river before coming back to say he'd changed his mind. Then came the words I was dreading, we're going to do poling instead! Aargh - me, poling, Argosy! they don't go together particularly well! However Claire allowed me to use her boat instead, it was a bit wider and more stable and in the end I really enjoyed another lesson and had a good laugh to boot!
Lunch time, we haven't come far!

Grabbing eddies

Hubby dear was coaching the other group of mock students, who carried on talking about their lesson the rest of the way down the river - surely a good sign!
After that it was a nice wee paddle down the rest of the river with the sun brightly bouncing off the water.

Back at the car, the results were in. 3 well deserved passes, well done guys.
This is the second time I've been a mock student for a MWE OC and I have to say if you get the chance of this, it's well worth it. You're helping the guys sit their assessment, you get free coaching, but best of all, it's another great day out.
So with Hubby dear's assessment out of the way, does this mean a bit of a breather for me? Oh no! We're only part way through his AWE Sea trial sessions, I've still got lots more Soggy Scenarios to get through!

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