Friday, 9 May 2014

Falls of Lora - again!

Janet getting her boat wet.
Heading out at the crack of ridiculous o'clock across the Forth bridge and I gazed longingly at the beautiful view. The sun was just beginning to come up and was casting a warm golden glow across the Forth. The water so flat calm, the islands and bridge had perfect reflections - absolutely stunning.
However we are now on Week 5 of this continuous paddle programme thingy that Hubby dear is doing for his AWE sea, all I want is a nice flat paddle, the last thing I'm going to get is a nice flat paddle! We're on our way up to the Falls of Lora again. It's not running as fast as it was a couple of weeks previous, but fast enough still to have a bit of fun.
We eventually arrived at our 1st rendezvous point, The Green Welly for breakfast number 2, bacon butties and coffee.

It was then off to the Falls. By now the weather was getting mighty damp, however, I guess it was going to be damp where we were going anyway!
Janet was up for the morning to launch a new boat and have her first salt water trip - what a place to remember having your first paddle! The water wasn't moving too much so it was a fine introduction for her.
Anymore room for a wee one?
After lunch, Janet was now off the water, we paddled up under the bridge for a bit, waiting for the flow to increase. By now the wind was blowing a hooley and the heavens had opened with the rain "falling" horizontally.

Coming back down, the flow was now running, with us doing the usual cutting in and out, ferry gliding back and forward and generally trying to stay upright, some folks doing better at this part than others!
It wasn't too long before the lot of us were well and truly jiggered and decided to call it a day.
The sun even managed to appear for a while.
Back on dry land, arrangements were made for our next meeting point, the chippy up at Tyndrum - well we reckoned we had earned it.

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