Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The demise of my dear paddling companion!

After my last wee swim in the Falls of Lora, with my damp pants! I sent my drysuit away for a pressure test hoping it could be mended and used for a while longer. Unfortunately, my poor drysuit was sent back, unable to be mended - it was now officially goosed! I really can't complain, I have used it almost constantly for the last 7 years (with an annual summer holiday). I reckon I have had more than my money's worth.
It has kept me dry and warm on river trips,
Way back 7 years ago

on cold trips,

in surf,

in wind,

on the sea,

in open boats

and whilst generally messing around in water
Yes, I do feel my dear paddling companion has served me well, here's hoping my new suit is just as faithful!

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