Friday, 3 April 2015

Beavering away at Loch Rannoch - featuring the Kayakey Kid

Watching the birdy
Ready to go paddling - a Scottish loch mid February!
Bit better kitted out!

A bit snow

We were recently up at Loch Rannoch for our annual weeks get away. Once again the Kayakey Kid came along for a few days. He was going to be missing a day making a Pterodactyl, but saying as they've been out of action for a few years now, I reckoned 1 more day shouldn't make too much difference and being as he has just recently joined the Beavers, this wee trip would give him a fine opportunity to work on some badges, his Time on the water badge, Paddlesport badge, his photography badge and his hiking badge - not bad for a few days away.
A bit of navigation work

The following is the Kayakey Kid's contribution to my blog along with some of his photos.

I am in Loch Rannoch. I can see Schiehallion. I have been swimming in Fort William and I had icecream there. On Friday I went canoeing and I saw a waterfall. I played Ninja Turtles card game. When I was canoeing I had an adventure. The adventure on Loch Eigheach.

Loch Rannoch



A well deserved photographers badge earned!

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