Monday, 13 April 2015

Playtime with the lifeboat

This is the end where the whisky is kept!

Like my new drysuit?

 We were lucky enough to have another practise session with Kinghorn lifeboat recently.  First time, the weather was lovely and calm, but as it was evening, we had a dimming light to work with.

Times we could use a kayak trolley like that!
This time the weather was a bit different - very blustery!
Still looking lovely and flat
As this was Dan's first trip down to the station, we were given a tour and had all the ins and outs of the lifeboat explained to us. It was then outside to show the lifeboat crew the kind of equipment we carry when we're out paddling. A few secret scenarios were then discussed away from the lifeboat crew. It was then time to launch. As I said, it was Dan's first time at the station, but only about his 2nd time out on the sea (plenty loch and pool practise). We launched out through a decent swell (you don't get that in pool practise!) then headed out into the "shelter" of the Hummel rocks. This is where Dan "had  to" be towed away from the rocks with a contact tow as he couldn't paddle due to a reaction to a jellyfish sting. He was then rescued.

We had a rescue with an unconscious paddler. With the swell we were now in, it made it a lot harder and probably more realistic. Our unconscious paddler, unsurprisingly Dan again, is no wee dainty thing! This alone can cause problems, getting him out the boat without snapping his legs! However after a few bits of discussion and suggestions, it was successful.

Needless to say, when it was getting really blustery, the camera didn't come out!

Taken from the Lifeboat
We then had a rafted rescue with Niall lounging along our boats having "lost" his.
 Another couple of rescues and it was time to head back for lunch and a bit of a debrief, what went well, what we could try next time, etc.

A really good and interesting mornings paddling and looking forward to our next session with the lifeboat - so long as it's only practising!


  1. What a great thing to do! Fun for everybody, and potentially lifesaving. I've done some good safety events where the Coast Guard was involved, but we've never actually worked with them on rescues.

  2. If you get the chance to do it, I would recommend it. There's always things you can learn, from both sides, what's more, it's great fun at the same time.