Friday, 3 December 2010

The kayakey kid and the storm cag

The Kayakey kid was over for a visit this evening. We've decided paddling is in his genes, he just loves boats. This evening his boat was in the shape of a tractor trailer and his paddle was a wee sledge. He's got good posture in it and has remarkable balance, although he did fall out a couple of times, he hasn't learnt to roll his tractor boat yet. He insisted we all wore the new storm cag, well the hood at least, that's all that is made yet, but I reckon it's looking good. Hopefully when I put the body part on it will still look good. His Grandad, one of FCAG's coaches had to give a bit of a demonstration here, wearing the hood of course. I can't imagine why the Kayakey kid looked at him as though he was daft!

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