Monday, 27 December 2010

Turkey Basher

In the end only three of us met up for our Turkey basher trip (no turkeys were hurt on this trip). We met and set off from the back slipway at Elie harbour, this was very aptly named due to the ice that was still lying around. Getting the boats ready at home, the weather was only what you could describe as miserable, however, Elie  has it's own weather system, the day was fair and almost warm. It was over freezing - just. Niall was in his Christmas present, a new dry suit. Ken had his Christmas present with him, a new Greenland paddle. Ken has never paddled with a Greenland before but found it quite easy to use, although I'm not sure he felt he could rely on his support strokes quite yet.
We headed out from Elie and round the coast. Further on Niall got quite excited, he'd spotted a whale, a really big whale that made a huge splosh. This whale was going nowhere and was now breaching fairly regularly. This rock will probably now always be remembered as Niall's rock. Never mind Niall, I could see the rock, but I couldn't make out a thing on the map right under my nose!
We then spotted a cormorant/shag  come back up with a large fish, so big it couldn't munch it and was mugged by a seagull for it. We went over for a closer look as the seagull was also struggling. I think it was a colourful wrasse, I hadn't realised we still had fish that size in the Forth.
We stopped for lunch at Pittenweem harbour before catching a nice swell to take us back to Elie.
It was quite a nice short trip, but far enough when you realise how much extra ballust ( turkey and chocolate) you're wearing.

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