Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Paddling again at last

Sunny days
 This is my third blog entry, but my first soggy one. The last couple of trips had been cancelled due to the snow, however 5 of us decided recently to have a wee trip up to our local, the Tay at Stanley. When we set off the sun was almost splitting the sky, which is more than the mercury was doing to the thermometer. We travelled up with temperatures ranging from a bracing -5 up to a balmy freezing. The river was at a funny level with the Linn being a bit big and boily and the weir being washed out. There were a couple of waves to grab, but I do admit, I didn't try too hard to catch them. The thought of going upside down and coming back up with an icecream head was too much to bear.      
Once we got down to the bottom of Thistlebrig, our get out, we bumped into some more mad paddlers. One was looking for another guy who he thought had come down in front of them - without a spraydeck. Another guy got out at the same time as us, he only had wetsuit shorts and wetsuit shoes on, no socks (he did have top layers on!), crazeeee or what. It was maybe sunny, but it certainly wasn't warm.

Chilling out

A very hard waterfall.

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