Saturday, 5 July 2014

Don't look back Alice!

Muirton Basin

Ref pontoon!
Throw in
Alice sorting the boys out!
Nairn Canoe Club recently did a fantastic job of organising and running the Highland Polo tournament which I am pleased to say FCAG won! It must have been my cheering on from the sides which helped them win!
The winners!
We stayed on up in Inverness and went for a wee paddle next day with a kind of tired Alice and Ansgar.

Big boat, wee boats!
Checking out the cave
We were leaving from Cromarty,  a place I've never been to before. Setting off for North Sutor, we then headed up the coast stopping for lunch just short of Balintore, before zooming back down with the wind behind us. We carried on for a short distance, back across the mouth of the Cromarty and round past Sutors Stacks. We had decided not to go too far due to the wind we were going to have to fight back into, that and the fact the polo had zapped the energy of my fellow 3 paddlers, perhaps they should take up cheer leading instead!
Couple of posers!
Peek a boo!
Heading back up, the waves were a fair size, breaking over the rocks which weren't that far below us. As we were turning into the firth again, I had a wee keek behind me. I shouted over to Alice not to look back. I assumed by her reply of "EEEK!" that she did indeed look behind her to see the massive waves which were now chasing us into shore! Thankfully, it was just huge swell and not breaking waves.

Is Alice that worn out?

It did get bumpy
But not all the time!
Alice testing out the new drysuit!
 I'm not quite sure what I was expecting of the area. It was a lot cleaner than I thought it would be with the tankers in the area but the water was lovely and clear. Another thoroughly enjoyable paddle, of course finished off with the compulsory ice cream! 

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