Friday, 11 July 2014

Jersey - eventually!

The day arrived when we were due to leave for the Jersey symposium, the car was packed to the gunnel's and I still had a night class to run!
I had to quite literally throw my students out of class, rush back to the shop to drop my work kit off, zoom home, grabbed a cup of tea, then leaving at 10pm, I was ready to take the first turn at driving down to Carlisle. We took turns doing 2 hour stints until we reached Poole, looked for somewhere for breakfast, except it was only 5.30am, no one else was up!
While waiting in the queue for the ferry, more and more kayaks were arriving. The weather was absolutely mingin' even in the shelter of Poole harbour. Once we were getting further out to sea the waves were getting bigger!!!, which the boat was crashing through. The weather certainly wasn't settling,  now the shop stock was crashing off the shelves, then a ceiling panel fell off, then the engines went quiet with the captain coming over the tannoy to announce the weather was bad (you're not saying!). They were turning back to Poole. The brochure says the boat has a lovely cruising speed of 35kn, but the wind was blowing up to 40kn. We weren't going anywhere! After we had surfed back, we found out the cars below deck had shifted as a result ours has aged somewhat with a few extra scratches!
Handfast Point, don't think we got this far first time!
The lifeboat leaving Guernsey (Take note, fancy paddling here!)
Sark (Take note, fancy paddling here too!)
We set sail again later in the afternoon in completely different conditions. After changing boats again on Guernsey, we eventually arrived in Jersey making it to the hotel about 8.30. It had been a long and very tiring journey!
Corbiere lighthouse  (Take note, fancy paddling here too! Oh I did!)

After a very welcome dinner (first things first!), we then met everyone and found out our choices for the next day, then crashed out in a very comfy bed!

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