Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Jersey - Pancakes? Yes please!

Pancakes, this way!
 Up and raring to go, we made our way round for breakfast. One of the noticeable things here is the noise that so many kayakers can make! Everyone telling everyone else about their previous days adventures and finding out where they were going that day. It's such an exciting, happy noise!
Our adventure for today was starting off with a drive to the north of Jersey, to the beautiful bay of Greve de lecq. We put in here, had a short paddle along to the east a bit, before turning back and landing for a cookery demo.
More beautiful blue waters
Up in the viewing gallery

The "kitchen" was set up on a nice flat rock with a rocky viewing gallery running round the back. The theme was "one pot cooking". This activity came highly recommended so we were fair looking forward to it.
Paul got various stoves set up and explained the different benefits of each one. He then went on to show us how to use one pot for making some delicious  camping meals, explaining that pre camp prep goes along way to making food even tastier whilst out in the wilds. He finished this off by making some very tasty pancakes which I had the honour of dotting with chocolate buttons! Maybe I should take up cake decorating as a career, oh wait! that's what I'm retiring from on the 2nd of August - yippee!
On the receiving end of a decorating lesson!
Tasty Jersey bean hotpot
Leaving our diningroom
It was then a short paddle back to the beach before zooming off for our next destination.
Our afternoon session was down at Corbiere lighthouse for a rough water rescue session with Irish Mike. This would obviously mean a wet session. Did I mention I wasn't allowed to bring my drysuit? I did however have my non dry, dry trousers.

We put in next to the lighthouse, where we were given a wonderful demonstration as to why you don't risk crossing the causeway at the last minute. The tide was just beginning to wet the path when the first boats were launched. By the time the 3rd had put in, the water was swooshing extremely fast across it.

We were paired up, poor Mark from Cornwall being paired with me! Now anybody who cares to read these blogs will be well aware of my AWOL roll! It hasn't returned! No matter what I'm trying. I've decided good support strokes are much more important and an ability to get rescued! I even managed to talk Mark through a successful roll! I did however manage a self rescue clambering on the back and getting in. We then headed out a bit further for more work on rescuing and getting rescued in bumpy waters. Poor Mark did get a bit confused with one rescue, I think between my Scottish accent and Mike's Irish one, we might have been speaking gobbildygook!
Back off the water, I sloshed back up the hill with terrible water retention in my ankles, at least until I took off my swamped dry trousers!
Yet another fantastic days paddling which had built up a thirst which could only be quenched with some lovely cold cider before dinner and evening entertainment.

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