Saturday, 12 July 2014

Jersey - something fishy!

Getting ready for fish
On our first morning in Jersey, I would like to say we bounded out of bed, bright eyed and bushy tailed, but in reality it was probably bleary eyed and bushy haired!
 When we were packing our kit at home, Hubby dear announced we wouldn't need to pack our drysuits, we would be too hot! I eventually gave in, thinking he's possibly right (!) we would be nearer to France and all that sunshine and heat, than Scotland. So when we arrived at our first destination, Ouaisne Bay to have a try at kayak fishing, putting on our breeks and shorty cags, I was a bit concerned when a fair few, mostly local paddlers I have to say, donned their drysuits.

We were all given drop lines, a few instructional do's and don'ts`and off we set. Once on the other side of the bay, we dropped our lines and waited. And waited. And waited! The fish didn't appear to be hungry. It was time to head back to the cars. Back at Ouaisne, I  pulled up my line and found I had caught 2 Pollock. I dropped 1 bringing them in and the other I let go. At the same time, another lady pulled her line in and found a Pollock and a Bream, both good sizes which she took away and had later that evening.
Our Scottish group portage!
Cracking sea colours
And they say women can talk!!!
One of the many towers 
Our afternoon session was over at La Rocque harbour for a nice we trip up the coast past Gorey and back, passing some of the numerous towers dotted along the Jersey coast.  This is when I got talking to Doris from Germany. I had this strange feeling I knew her from somewhere, but I knew I'd never paddled with her before. After much discussion, we came to the conclusion it was on a jetty on Skye a few years before where we had, had a bit of a chat. They had just been out round some of the islands and we had just been on a course down at Skyak. It's a small world indeed!



  1. This sounds great, Sarah. We have a friend who just moved to Jersey so very interested in the paddling opportunities there. :) Best wishes. Duncan.

  2. Duncan, we had a great time down there, very interesting place to paddle with massive tides! So glad to see you are getting out lots while in Scotland.