Sunday, 20 July 2014

Jersey - Wheeeeeee!

Looking for rough water
I crawled along for breakfast, I think yesterdays rough water rescues has taken it out of me, but todays sessions should be easier - rough water handling!!!
Richard from Cornwall

Hubby dear keeping his feet dry!
Showing off as usual
Back down to Corbiere, of course still no drysuit, but thankfully, the water is considerably warmer here than in Scotland! When we got there, there was a distinct lack of rough water so we had a wee paddle up through the rocks til the tide turned. We then headed back down by the lighthouse where Richard from Cornwall put us through our paces in the now lumpier water, vectoring, breaking in and out round the rocks, then again backwards, hitting targets and lots more besides!  
Now his feet are wet!
Richard sitting pretty
Quick bite of lunch, then off for our afternoon session, surfing down at St Ouen's Bay. Paul, John and Tracey were there giving us hints and tips. Again there wasn't a lot of surf, but enough to give us a wee taster, a real good giggle, a fine chance to go "whee" lots and true to surfing form, we surfed til we dropped with just one last go - OK, just another last go, - right, this one has to be our last go, OK, this is really our last go!
Missed that one!

Yet another great days paddling before going onto a buffet, then dancing til the wee hours down the road at the Corbiere Phare.

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