Sunday, 27 July 2014

Jersey - rocks 'n' rolls

Slightly damp conditions

Tight squeeze

Tides turned, a bit more room!

Today is our penultimate day and is unfortunately chucking it down! So they do get rain in Jersey!
We made our way down to St Brelade's Bay to meet up with Natalie and the rest of the group to have a wee trip round to the bay at Rosiere for a spot of rock hopping, paddling  in, round, through and under the rocks with some spots turning into a watery highway with kayaks giving way to other kayaks going in all sorts of directions. It was then time to return for a bite of lunch before our afternoon session, still at St Brelade's.

Lots of wee nooks and crannies

It's no secret that rolling and me have somewhat parted company, so when a rolling session came up for that afternoon, I reckoned it wouldn't do me any harm to have yet another try at resurrecting my absent roll!
Health and safety seen this ladder?
Agnes stand up paddle kayaking!
Agnes and John took a group of us out into the bay, giving us more hints and tips. We all stated what sort of stage our rolling was at. I'm pleased to say I wasn't the only one with an AWOL roll. My partner Kay and I spent a wee bit time practising different exercises (Hubby dear was keeping his distance, I've had plenty personal rolling coaching/nagging from him!) Kay then went for a roll and managed a couple of times on one side, not the other. So with a bit of trepidation it was then my turn (Yes, I know, it's all in the head, but the more it goes wrong, the more I expect it to go wrong and as a result it will go wrong!!!) I really concentrated on slowing it all down and I came back up easily! funny how you just know it's right! So I decided to go on the other side, I came back up easily again! So maybe my mojo has returned! - until I need it!
Happy, frozen and soaking (did I mention I didn't have a drysuit with me?) I decided to call it a day and finish on a high.
The washing lines
After rinsing our kit and a hot bath to thaw out we then made our way over to Greve de Lecq for a BBQ. Thankfully the weather had returned to Jersey weather, dry and warm.
A lovely finish to yet another great days paddling!

A lovely selection of nosh!

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