Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Jersey - Ooops!

Our last day on Jersey has finally arrived and thankfully it's back to lovely sunshine! The crowds at breakfast are beginning to diminish although the chatting doesn't seem to have( I would say that's a good thing!)
Keeking round corners

Tracey, happy when on water!
We couldn't manage the full day trip today, so we were on the half day leaving from Greve de Lecq. We joined about 24 other paddlers down on the beach before heading west round the rocky coastline, keeking into various different caves, sneeking between rocks.

Premium car parking spot!
Possibly not!

Once we reached our destination of Stinky Bay ( I don't think you'll find it under that name on the Jersey tourist board map!), aptly named, because, well, there was a slight whiff in the air, the wee blue sweetie bag made it's appearance.

The wee blue sweetie bag
It was then time to turn and head back to the cars.
Everything was going swimmingly well, that is until I decided to go swimmingly!
About to cut back through a couple of rocks, I had been watching the water, timing it, Ha! Just when I thought, right go! I did. Unfortunately for me, the water wasn't playing fair and decided to keep emptying. The nose of the boat got caught on a rock and I was left with not a lot below me! My brace kept me going for a while, well at least until I went over! I surprised some folks by going for a roll, but I always try a roll and I reckon after my lovely rolls the day before it would have been successful if it hadn't been for the fact that the front of my boat was still pivoting on a rock! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!
There were a couple of issues which were bothering me as I was getting tossed around upside down.
1 - I need my boat in one piece, not taking it home in multiple carrier bags, I've still got the rest of my trip to go.
2 - I was in there with no helmet. I've been through rocks plenty of times and don't often wear a helmet, however seeing them this close up from underneath made me realise this should is something I should possibly rethink. I kept myself tucked in tight  but realised my boat was still hugging it's rock so I popped my deck and came out. The waves pulled me out, but then spat me back into the boily water. I was pulled back out again, was getting sooked back in again when a wave picked up my boat. All I saw was the big white hull of my boat in mid air flying towards me. I took a deep breath, realising I was going under, got on my back, bent my knees, stuck my feet up and got ready for a flying boat landing on me. Kicking the boat off me was enough to get it away from the swooshing water and over towards Ash, who managed to grab and empty it. I got on the front of another boat and over to Ash. I had one guy beginning to tell me how to grab deck lines and started to explain how to get rescued, by which time I was back in my boat with my deck back on, no point in hanging around. I looked round to see umpteen cameras on me, not that I've seen any of the photos!, but it's good to know kayakers get their priorities right - get some good action photos. Quite where Hubby dear was at this point, I'm not too sure, possibly checking whether he had the car keys or if I had them, in which case I'd need rescuing!  At no point did the swooshing water or flying boat bother me, being so close to the rocks with no helmet concerned me more.
I did entertain Tracey by pumping out my boat creating my own wee water feature.
Every boat needs a fountain
All too soon we were back on the beach, saying our goodbyes, then getting organised to catch the ferry.
We really have had a fantastic time down at the Jersey Symposium, meeting lots of like minded paddlers, trying out lots of different activities in flat calm conditions as well as very bumpy and fast moving conditions. Lots of good food, good beer, good ice cream, good company and a good crack the whole week! Huge thanks to everyone for organising the symposium and JCC for making everyone so welcome especially Tracey and Stef (fellow Scot!)
Thankfully the ferry was on time with a nice gentle sail back into Poole arriving at the back of 11pm.
It seems appropriate that this is my 100th post, ending one adventure and starting my next adventure on post number 101 on yet another island.
Leaving Jersey behind


  1. A great adventure, indeed, Sarah. We enjoyed all the posts! Best wishes for the next one. Duncan.

  2. Many thanks Duncan. The good thing about swimming in Jersey, even in shorty cag and shorts, the water is warm.