Thursday, 24 July 2014

Jersey - Tour de Rozel

Pretty Jersey Cows
After managing to find lovely Jersey ice cream every day, I was surprised at the lack of Jersey coos around the place. We had only seen the odd one or two, certainly not enough to supply all that ice cream. I always thought Jersey coos were pretty coos so I was pleased when, coming into St Helier, tucked in a wee field between a couple of houses, there they were hiding, lots of them!
Checking out how much tide has still to come in

Today's trip is out to the Tour de Rozel. We made our way along to St Catherines again, happy in the knowledge that with all those coos the ice cream shop with the big dollops at the top of the slipway wasn't about to run out of ice cream, something to look forward to at the end of the day!
Agnes took us for a gentle paddle out past the breakwater and up the coast towards Rozel. The water was lovely and calm when we stopped for some lunch. We finished lunch and the tide had turned, what a difference in the waters. Masses of water was swooshing at great speed through a narrow channel, playtime!

The water seemed to keep changing with the flow going one way and the waves coming from the side.

By the time we were to turn back home, we paddled further out and rode what was like a travelator all the way back down to St Catherines and of course our ice cream!
Yet another great day's paddling!

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